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How to Record the Show Tutorial is up, For any Questions on anything i missed or you don't understand, This is the Post to Reply in.

How to Record The Show Tutorial:


Kirill December 20, 2011 at 3:35 PM  

Virtual Audio Cable and Audacity also should work, no?

david December 21, 2011 at 9:30 PM  

Here's some other ideas if you want to come at the same problem from a different angle:

1 - Use Advanced Audio Recorder, or equivalent, as shown in the How to Record Guide above - but make sure you are recording/encoding at the bitrate/sample-size you want the final product to be, cos we aren't going to be doing any more MP3encoding after this. The 'Radio Quality' preset is fine. Check your levels.

... Instead of AudioRecorder, maybe try MP3DirectCut. We need to use it in Step 2 anyway, and it has more complete choice of options for specifying the exact MP3 encoder values we want (24kHz, 64k, CBR).
If you go this route, you need to grab a copy of lame_enc.dll and copy it to the MP3DirectCut program installation folder. Press F12 to select LAME and adjust its encoder settings.

2 - Edit the hour chunks using MP3DirectCut.
This editor works on the MP3 MPEG frames, the packets of compressed MP3 data, not individual samples. It therefore loads the file instantly, lets you to snip off the commercials front and back, and save the selection just as instantly without re-encoding anything.
Read the program's help page for the specifics, but basically move the waveform back and forth under the centerline edit marker with left and right cursor keys, Shift + Cursor keys to move by individual frames. Home/End, PgUp/PgDn to move quickly etc etc. Lots of other preview, cue-point, loop, navigation options available, not hard to figure it all out.

Use B and N to mark beginning/end, and then choose save selection.

3 - You then have a bunch of trimmed MP3s in a folder. Use MergeMP3 to join them. Again this works on the blocks of compressed audio data, so it just rips the MP3 frames out of the individual files, wraps a new header on the output file and saves it. All nice and quick.

4 - Use whatever program or media-player you like to add tags to your new file. MP3Tag or TagScanner are strong choices.

Depending on how quick and nimble you can trim that last chunk, there's not much stopping you having a complete MP3 ready to upload easily less than a minute after the show ends. Or thereabouts.

And even if it's not a race, the point: all the MP3 encoding is done realtime while the recording happens, and all the software used is small, quick and lightweight (also, all freeware, so no cracks or serial-codes to worry about), so you can use the slowest computer for this job and still have the file ready to go without much hassle.
Any retired or shitty computer/old laptop could do this no-sweat and still let you go about your business on your main PC as the show records.

MP3 Direct Cut -

Merge MP3 -

MP3Tag -
TagScanner -

LAME Encoder (if you want to use DirectCut to record/encode) -

JustGoodTechnology December 21, 2011 at 10:45 PM  

Has anyone figured out how to keep the SiriusXM online player from timing out so that the recording can be automated? I have tried siriusKA.exe but that does not work for me. I am using IE.

JustGoodTechnology December 22, 2011 at 3:19 AM  

I think I found my solution to keep the SiriusXM online player active (AutoHotkey and Mouse Recorder). I am testing it this morning...

david, your approach is excellent. You save one generation of lossy encoding over Haze's method. I have used MP3DirectCut and Merge MP3 before, and both work great.

Kirill, Virtual Audio Cable and Audacity should work fine. I have tested VAC with Audition, and the combination is working great. Your method also saves the extra lossy generation.

DJHaze596 December 22, 2011 at 9:54 PM  

@ David

Good tips, But it has to be Encoded in order to cut out the Commercials, You have to import the Recorded Audio into an Audio Editor Program to Cut them out.

Sure you can stop it right before they brake, okay cool, But good luck hitting that every single time lol.

david December 23, 2011 at 10:57 AM  

@Haze, It doesn't need (re)encoded, that is the magic of what MP3DirectCut does.

It is an audio editor that lets you cut the commercials, or do whatever editing or trimming you want on your just-recorded audio, just like Audition or Audacity, but it does it by working directly on the packets of MP3 data in the file ... this means you can edit MP3 files without having to unpack or re-encode anything. So it loads the audio instantly, and it saves the finished file instantly too.

Give it a shot on any test file and you'll see what I mean. Load a file, move about it, mark a beginning/end using B and N keypresses, choose Save Selection.
It does it all so quick that you can have the previous hours clip trimmed and saved before the first live-read ends.

There is, I think, enough info in the original walkthrough, but I was trying to keep it brief so maybe I didn't fully explain the concept.
If anyone is trying it out and finds they need more instructions or explanation ... just comment and I'll try again to write it up more fully.

It is also a very, very useful set of tools to have if you are editing downloaded archive recordings for worst-offs or whatever ... you can snip the audio you want from old, already tightly-encoded MP3 from years ago, and your clip does not require a second encoding, it just quickly pops out a brand new MP3 file of exactly the same quality as the source file.

By the same principle, you can use MergeMP3 to join the clips, again pretty much instantly, and without loss of quality or waiting for an MP3 encode to finish.

richardplug December 24, 2011 at 6:07 PM  

Is it me, or does the SiriusXM trial give access to a limited amount of channels, and not to the O&A channel? At least for me it doesn't. My previous trial expired, so I made a new trial account with a yahoo address. I log in, in SiriusXMStreamer, and instead of Sirius channels like before, I get XM channels and no Virus/O&A, no Boneyard etc. Did they change this recently over at SiriusXM?

comedymends December 27, 2011 at 3:57 PM  

so is this recorded speakers to mic?

Jason Castleman December 30, 2011 at 12:48 AM  

Trying to use SiriusXMStreamer. I HAVE a XM account that I pay for so I don't have to get a trial. But for some reason the O&A channel doesn't come up as an XM channel but a Sirius one.

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