July 11th, 2011 (Full Show)



DJHaze596 July 11, 2011 at 11:22 AM  

Show Rundown:

Bob Kelly
Bryan Cranston

Chris July 11, 2011 at 11:24 AM  

Fuck yeah, I love when Bobby's on.

Thanks Haze

seedubbayew July 11, 2011 at 11:33 AM  

Haze rules. Bob Kelly doesn't.

morgan July 11, 2011 at 11:35 AM  

Thanks Haze... Every show is a winner to me... as always I will ask for shit hour... because I like it

Richard July 11, 2011 at 1:28 PM  

I was hoping with Bob in that Jimmy would be out. Damn

StickyPunch July 11, 2011 at 3:27 PM  

thanks bobby rules that sink fucker

Unknown July 11, 2011 at 6:35 PM  

doesanyone know why O&A stopped doing the after show?

Serial X July 12, 2011 at 8:17 AM  

Bryan Cranston!! Aces! Definitely makes up for Bobby "dude.. dude, you know dude" Kelly

Thanks Haze.

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